Animal breeding sustains significant losses from gastrointestinal diseases of young stock caused by opportunistic pathogenic microflora. The share of calves, pigs and lambs contracting diarrhea during the first days of their lives reaches 80 to 100% on Russian cattle breeding farms and complexes with mortality reaching 20-50% and more.

Enterosorbent –EST-1 efficiently resolves this problem.

The veterinary product offered by the Institute has the following advantages in comparison with its analogues:

  • lower cost and higher sorption capacity, a small dose of ЭСТ-1 is used for prevention and treatment of cattle without additional use of antibiotics;
  • increases viability and performance of young animals by 20-25%;
  • increases environmental safety of food products by excluding unjustified use of toxic antimicrobial products from veterinary treatment from the first days of live-stock animals’ lives.

Pilot production is launched.

The veterinary product is registered in the Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance (registration number 49-3–10.9–0241 No. PVR-3–10.9/02526 of February 24, 2011). Allowed to be used in the territory of the Russian Federation.

Authors of the solution: L. V. Kasimova , Candidate of Chemical Sciences, О. P. Panina, Ye. А. Kobzeva.


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