Humic fertilizers are the most promising material to be used in the present economic conditions. We offer the Gumostim humic fertilizer made from peat. Small use dosage and high efficiency make it attractive for farmers, agricultural land owners and gardeners.

Advantages of this adsorbent in comparison with its analogues are the following:

  • increases yielding capacity of agricultural plants – the product contains humic acids, amino acids, carboxylic acids, macro and microelements;
  • increases germinating energy and capacity of new crop seeds;
  • increases disease and lodging resistance of plants;
  • high biologic and anti-stress activity, immunostimulating and adaptogenic properties;
  • accelerates penetration of macro- and microelements into plants through root system and leaf surface;
  • increases root formation, tilling capacity, number and weight of corns in spikes, root tubers;
  • compatible with pesticides and mineral fertilizers.
  • environmentally safe product.

Development stage:

Pilot production, technical specifications, processes regulations are available. Peat-based humic fertilizer is registered in the Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance (registration number 2167 of March 03.2011).

Author of the solution:  L. V. Kasimova , Candidate of Chemical Sciences


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