In connection with a dramatic worldwide environmental degradation, dealing with issues of plant and animal life protection from main-made impact is becoming an urgent necessity. An important constituent of this major problem is liquidation of consequences of oil spills resulting from small- and large-scale emergency situations and oil and oil products spilling into aqueous environments. Currently the use of special oil-absorbing materials (adsorbents) is one of the advanced methods of oil removal from water surfaces. What we offer is a peat-based adsorbent.

The advantages of this adsorbent in comparison with its analogues are the following:

  • high capacity for oil (8-10 g of oil/g), hydrophobic and buoyant properties;
  • low cost, high degree of purification from oil contamination and hydrocarbon films;
  • simple production and recovery.

Development stage:

R&D works completed. Technical specifications and regulations for the manufacturing process are developed.

Authors of the solution:  T. P. Alekseeva , Candidate of Chemical Sciences, Т. I. Burmistrova , Candidate of Chemical Sciences


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