The contamination of soils with oil and oil products accompanies all stages of oil production, transportation, refining, as well as sales of oil products, which presents a serious ecological problem. We offer a solution for contaminated soil purification by means of Peat Ameliorator.

The advantages of this ameliorator in comparison with its analogues are the following:

  • stimulates metabolic activity of the own aboriginal microflora of contaminated soil, provides high destruction level of oil hydrocarbons over long periods of time;
  • reduces periods of soil recultivation from 3-5 to 1-1.5 years;
  • provides environmental safety and economy;
  • simple in production, available sources of raw materials.

Development stage:

Technical specifications for the product and regulations for the manufacturing process are available.

Authors of the solution:  Т. I Burmistrova , Candidate of Chemical Sciences, Т. P. Alekseeva , Candidate of Chemical Sciences, N. N. Tereshchenko , Doctor of Biological Sciences.


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